Abby LOL Dayz: Daddy Issues Edition

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So, I don’t mean to brag, but I called this EJAbby pairing way back in October, 2012, and I have proof:

I found that little gem while looking for this old LOL Dayz, back when Abby had her first, ahem, romance with an older gentleman (Carrie’s man and Sami’s ex, incidentally):

And now we find ourselves watching Abby roll in the sheets with Sami’s man, again older. And we can’t help but feel like we’ve seen this before:

Friday lol dayz

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So much to talk about! I am really sad about Chandler Massey leaving- I knew it was coming but still- we went through a few not so great Will’s before Massey, and he is such a central character. I will try to keep an open mind about the new actor and give him a chance. Or I will at least try to try.

I am STOKED that Stefano is back in town. Even if he only shows his face every week or two, that’s better than nothing. I loved the scene where he overheard Sami talking about her earring. Not much gets past the Phoenix.

And speaking of DiMeras, I was so frustrated that EJ refused to apologize (about the Kristen debacle) to Sami when he was legitimately wrong and they both knew it. But I guess she finds stubbornness hot? I loved how quickly he solved the mystery of the murder secret- he was like a dog with a bone, and he sees this as his way to redeem himself with Sami, even if apologizing would have been a lot easier.

And speaking of the murder, all those scenes with Gabi, Sami & Kate made me LOL. Sami and Kate sniping at each other was so perfect. The scene between Sami and Ciara fighting over the earring was amazing- Ciara is hilarious. They managed to make an attempted rape and murder a light romp. And now half the town knows, so surely Nick should be strolling into Salem any day now, right?

I am glad Brady got called out, and Daniel did a great job not taking “I’m totally clean, I swear” for an answer. Who are those two going to date (don’t say Jennifer, I might literally vomit). There aren’t enough ladies in their age range, and we don’t need Abigail with an older man again. Although Daniel does like a good inter-generational family affair (ahem Chelsea & Kate).

I don’t really care about Nicole and her new gig and lying about being with Daniel and all that. I wish she had stumbled in on the murder trio- she would have been a perfect addition. But the best thing about Nicole is that she is proving that she really had some restraint when she was working for Eric- her clothes have somehow gotten even more scandalous. Her Christmas dress? OMG.

Anyway, blah blah blah LOL Dayz:





Lol dayz for a new year

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2013 was a good year. It brought a new Brady/Horton/Hernandez. It brought an old school DiMera revenge plot to fruition. It even involved a porn star working for a priest.

In my Salem, it brought two fantasy football championships, which is why we have been gone lately. But (fantasy) football is over now, and Days has been good lately. So here are some new Lolz for a new year.