Rants and Raves and LOLZ

First of all, I have to agree with What Happens in Salem about loving the history throw backs in Nancy’s return. I was sitting there, knowing I watched back then, and trying to remember Nancy’s role. I love it any time Days acknowledges the past. I also loved the whole “who would know/remember that” aspect of Jen and Daniel’s fight. Someone who moved to town would seriously have to get a PhD in Days history to know every ridiculous thing every character on that show had done. If I were an awesomer website person, I would have started a running total of how many times Daniel and Jennifer have broken up and gotten back together. Since I haven’t, I’ll have to guess. 758?

Meanwhile, Sami & Lucas & EJ are teaming up against Nick. I kind of love this story line. I love that there is this blackmail agreement that so many people know about, but so many people don’t know about. I am interested to see it play out. The least reasonable thing to believe for me at this point is that Gabi would not have caught onto Nick any more than she has. He’s acting like a crazy person. He’s clearly a homophobe. You don’t know anything about how he spent his time in prison. Red flags, anyone?

But the best of all is that STEFANO’S BACK!

John has lost whatever made him likable as a character. He is acting like a raving idiot to Marlena, who is taking it all in and blaming Kristen. Clearly Brady got his lack of brains from his dad, and his good looks from his mom.

Retro FriDAYS: The Phoenix Rises Again! (Again)

We all knew this was coming, but it’s no less thrilling for this DiMera fan. Just when everyone thought Stefano was dead forrealthistime, the phoenix rises from the ashes. Here’s a look back at Stefano’s prior resurrections and returns.

A two-parter from 1984

“It’s Good to be Back!” 1998-style

And in 1996

Memory is a lot like life, right?

More recently…

Bonus!! Joseph Mascolo wants you to remind your kids not to be jerks.

The best gif in history. Seriously.

We have already told you how necessary it is that you go to daysgifs.tumblr.com for amazing Days gifs. He has already added a ton of great ones since our last post, including Kate slapping Ian. You can also follow him @DaysGifs

We had told the creator of daysgifs how ripe we thought the Stefano spit take from the Kate/Stefano break up scene was for a gif. Those of you who follow us on twitter (@SalemOnSalem) or facebook (facebook.com/salemonsalem) know how much we love that scene with two of our fave characters taking it up 1000 notches. I half heartedly tried to make one (for someone who has a website, I am woefully stupid about technology). I bugged my husband to make one. We gave up. Fast forward to today, when what should appear in my inbox but this. Oh happy day. That just made my weekend.

Days-Lympics Part One: Flirting and Scheming

After weighing all the opinions we received, we have decided who would medal in the Days-lympics! We will start with sports as old as Days itself: flirting and scheming.


This was pretty unanimous. Whether he’s hate flirting, charming someone’s pants off, or playing son against mother, EJ knows how to flirt. He is a known rapist, kidnapper, and all around criminal, but there is something about those blinking eyes and that accent that gets women and men alike swooning. You did it EJ. You won the gold in flirting!


Nicole is the kind of girl who can get pregnant by one man, have another step up and claim paternity, and win over yet another man. She has been with such difficult to win over men as Victor & EJ. She has flirted her way out of many a scrape. Nicole could give EJ a flirting run for his money.


This one is tough. There are a lot of contenders, including Sami, Daniel, and Brady. But newcomer Will deserves the Bronze. Whether he is hate flirting with EJ, putting the mac on Sonny, or driving Gabby to go completely nuts upon their breakup, Will knows how to lay down the charm. He may not have the most experience, but this kid could sell angst in a bottle, and his winning smile can charm men and women alike.


Duh. I mean, this guy has scheming down to a science. Whether he is brainwashing, mind controlling, creating body doubles, or blackmailing, Stefano knows how to lay down one helluva scheme. I miss him already. But, as they say, the Phoenix always rises.


This may be a blast from the past, but we cannot forget that Vivian buried Carly AND Maggie alive. She tried to poison Melanie. She takes scheming very seriously, and does it with a wink and a smile. We miss her. We really miss her.


This was again a very hard one. I have to give shout outs to Kate and Victor, who have both done their fair share of scheming. But Sami managed to keep the paternity of her child a secret for a whiiile, convinced her sister she couldn’t have kids, changed all kinds of hospital tests, hid ANOTHER baby from the daddy… the list goes on an on. She makes scheming look simple. It comes easily to her.

Check back tomorrow to see who wins gold in homewrecking and blackstabbing!

Retro FriDAYS: Who’s Your Daddy? Part 1

Paternity questions have been a part of DOOL as long as we can remember. And the trope has never been as popular as it has been with today’s writers, what with EJ not being Stefano’s son, Nicole pretending that she’s got Rafe’s baby instead of EJ’s, and Sami ranting about how Carrie must really have Rafe’s baby because ME ME ME ME!! And Daniel wants to bone Nicole badly enough that he’ll switch her paternity test results even after he experienced having a son that wasn’t his?

Anyway, here’s a look back at when they only attempted one Maury Povich storyline at any given time.

Like when Sami switched paternity results on Brandon, Abe and Lexie?

Or like that time Gina/Hope did it with John and Stefano…

And we got to decide who the baby daddy was. Except not really at all.

More recently of course, both Chloe and Daniel were duped by Caroline, who switched Chloe’s paternity results …

After she cheated on DanDan with Philip

Stephanie/Ian tried to pull it off via some digital sorcery, and boy was Nathan upset when that happened.

Isn’t it interesting to remember how much screen time these two got so recently, and they aren’t even on the show anymore?

There’s plenty more who’s-your-daddy storylines to highlight, so watch for this theme again!

The Crying Clown DiMera

The powerful tenor aria Stefano was listening to in his inner sanctum near the end of Friday’s episode couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Vesti la giubba is, of course, immensely popular as far as opera goes. From Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo, Canio puts on the costume of a clown when all he wants to do is cry.

“Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart!” is how one line translates into English.

And now you know more about opera than I did 20 minutes ago.

(H/t Wikipedia)