Days in Disguise

So I better admit upfront this post is in no way topical. We have a running joke in our house about the poor quality of disguises on DOOL, especially when it comes to Bo and Hope:

It’s like they’re brand new people!!

So when I discovered the “put at mustache on it” feature in photobucket, well I had to share. Check out some of our fave DOOL characters in Bope-esque disguises:

Harry Potter glasses + a mustache = totally incognito Austin

No one will ever spot Carrie with her eye patch and wax lips!

My mustache says manly man, but my eyelashes and butterfly tattoo show I have a sensitive side.

Glasses make me look smart. That’s a fact!

Rafe has become Reynaud with his frenchie mustache and monocle combo

We’re not sure if this is a disguise or a costume, but anyone who knows Sami wouldn’t suspect it was her, what with the “mom” tattoo.