DOOL actors/alum in commercials

Something had me thinking about Nathan Horton aka Mark Hapka today, wondering what he has been up to since drinking beers and rock climbing. He has worked on a couple movies that are in post production (imbd here). A youtube search didn’t really answer my question re: recent commercials (if you guys know of any, please let me know in the comments!). But I did come across this little gem from a few years ago.

So what other DOOL actors and alum have fun commercials out there? Well Molly Burnett (aka Melanie) and Casey Deidrick (aka Chad) have this one for JNAVA:

Meanwhile, Galen Gering has done a lot of commercials, but this one is probably the most shirtlesstastic (a technical term):

Then of course there’s Ari Zucker (aka Nicole) as the mom Nicole always wanted to be, on this Burger King commercial:

Deidre Hall (aka Marlena) has done lots:

And so many more!! What are you favorite DOOLy commercials?

Retro FriDAYS: Back to the start edition

We rag on Sami a lot (ok, a LOT) around, but it has to be hard for a mother to carry a kid for nine months, only for him to hate her one day.

For Retry FriDays we’re going back to the start of some of DOOL’s most memorable (and not-so-remarkable) characters, starting with young William.

Here comes Abby, featuring cabin scene!

Vivian and Victor shine in young Philip’s debut.

Who cares about Mia anymore? I miss Dr. Dick.

I don’t have anything funny to say about Shawn but here he is anyway…

This one has some seriously old-school characters who I don’t know and it’s set to music!

WednesDAYS Recap

Bope and RIP Rafe2
Good job, Officer Chen. Rafe2 is still dead, and Bo is trying to shake out who commuted Rafe2’s sentence on earth to time served.

Vivian, Gus
Viv thinks Dr. Manning can’t be in the same room with Daniel without wanting to jump his bones, so she conspires to send them to Melaswen or something.

She puts on her best Blanche DuBois voice and convinces Jen to head to the Sapphire Club… where Daniel and Carly are headed on their “date.”

Daniel and Carly
Carly’s been hanging around the hospital a lot lately. Just the place for Gus to be doing a little espionage

Hey hey heeeey.

Carly’s looking good for the “date” but Maxine says she’s the only doctor and someone’s in a bad way…..

Owwww, my ovaries.

He doesn’t like her examination style so he wants an MRI. She thinks that’s a splendid idea. She tells Gus his health problems might clear up if he ditched Viv.

SAFE & Johnny
Johnny’s having nightmares, so they ship him off to bed. Just as they’re gloating, ring goes the iPhone – Abe with some bad news.

SAFE takes off to the police station to confront the DiMeras and see what’s going on.

BOPE, Stefano, EJ, Roman, Abe & Taylor at the police station
Ever the optimists, Bope come bopping in saying they have a full confession, signed sealed and deliered by Rafe2. They don’t mention his fate. DA Woods takes care of that by walking in throwing a fit about “We got nothing!”

When it’s a BOPE investigation, no need to even break a sweat.

As the DiMeras are released, DA Woods is all “You blew it, commissioner. I don’t know how, but you blew it. Congratulations!”

These grapes taste SOUR.

Chabby & DA Woods at the Cheating Heart
DA Woods heads to The Cheating Heart to be a world-class jerk, taunting Chad about how his gangster father wriggled free of the Salem justice system.

DA Woods then calls out Chad for seeing dollar signs when he found out he was a DiMera, while Chad points out DA Woods is a dirtbag. Chad then blocks an attempted roundhouse from DA Woods, who tells Abby to get out while she still can. You go Chad, way to stand up for yourself against your somehow worst than the DiMeras ex-father.

Dannifer at the Sapphire Club
They run into each other at the club and are all hey how ya doin’. Carly says she’s tied up at the hospital (or rather Gus says so for her), and whoever Jen was supposed to “meet” (the Viv setup) is a no-show, so boom goes the Daniffer?

So they do their Daniffer thing and flirt awkwardly over champagne until she thinks Daniel set her up. He’s insulted. She’s sorry and embarrassed. Then they make out while Carly watches with tears in her eyes..

Taylor and EJ
Taylor says not to fight for his kids, he says that’s none of her business. That’s the Elvis we know and love. Then he asks for forgiveness…

Do I look forgiving?

Rafe1 and Guys Who Killed Rafe2
Guys understandably think they’ve seen a ghost, but he’s there for answers, which he gets in about 2 minutes.

Sami & EJ at the DiMera mansion
Sami, determined to fly off the handle, goes to the DiMera mansion without telling Rafe. She says he can’t take the kids from her – he’s harmed them enough and says Johnny will never forgive him. He’s been working on some legal paperwork, and says Sami doesn’t have a choice.

You wanna go? Let's go!

Rafe2 goes back to the apartment to find Sami is gone. Assuming she’s doing something stupid, he takes off.

In fact EJ is offering full custody of the kids saying he doesn’t deserve them. I don’t think Stefano is going to be happy about this plan.

WednesDAYS Recap

EJ, Taylor and Nicole
EJ just wants to “talk.” He tries to appeal to that little part of Taylor “that still loves” him. Will she buy it?

Nicole: “Dude, you are way too sold on your powers of persuasion..”

Don't mess with Nicole when she's hung over.

Nicole is all back off, I’m taking care of my sister. EJ apologizes for “anything I may have done.” Nicole is on fire: “Your hell is just beginning.”

EJ whines about how the woman he loves “detests me” and Samanther wants to take her kids away. Nic tells him to GTFO but Taylor’s all “Wait.” We can’t “wait” until Taylor gets back on that bus with a one-way ticket out of Salem.

EJ says he was desperate but Taylor reminds him he had full custody of the kids.

What’s up with Taylor’s sleeves?

They cloak Taylor in flowy tops so no one will realize her hidden identity: skeletor.

Bo, Roman and Abe
Apparently the DA doesn’t cotton to making a convicted felon the lead investigator on what is apparently the department’s biggest case. Bo is willing to get fired over this for some stupid reason.

Given that Bo hasn’t scored a conviction since Lebron James won a championship, why are BOPE so confident they’ve got this under control?

Producer’s daughter apparently remembers the photo Rafe2 kept staring at when he was hanging at the PD not doing much of anything. OG Rafe2?

Hope & Rafe2
Hope tries to get Rafe2 to talk Fay Walker but no dice. Hope threatens him with Murder 2 but he’s cool “so long as I don’t get the needle.” Hope tries to persuade Rafe2 the DiMeras can sniff out a rat.

Hope tells Rafe2 about the witness protection option.

Then Roman kicks out Hope and Roman comes in. Shows Rafe2 his statement he made while he was all drugged up. Rafe2 says: “In that case, kiss my ass.”

Hope comes back and tells Rafe2 about being in jail, but Rafe2 apparently already knew about Night Hope, taunting her about whether she “brought her matches.” Hope’s all Roman wants to kill you but I’m totally gonna give you a second chance.

Hope is a pro at looking longingly through jail bars.

Adrienne, Justin & Maggie
They talk about how happy they are Sonny’s back in town.

Is PFLAG an NBC sponsor all of a sudden? In all fairness DOOL is taking a progressive look at this issue, complete with Maggie’s scarf of many colors.

Maggie always manages to dress for the occasion, even when she doesn't know what the occasion is yet.

Now that we think about it, Maggie’s outfit bears more than a passing resemblance to Don Johnson (circa Miami Vice, not so much Nash Bridges).

Kate, Chad and Lexie
Kate gives Lexie and Chad a case in constitutional law. Lexie tells Chad this is his familial “baptism by fire” and hopes her father and EJ get caught.

We love Kate but she looks like she got back from Mardi Gras – jangly beads (and lots of them), and appears a bit dissheveled.

It's been a rough morning for Kate. Defending your hubby when you don't know what he did is exhausting.

Then, wouldn’t you when you just found out your husband and stepson kidnapped your grandson’s mother, created a… oh this makes my head hurt. When are the new writers getting here again?

Kate tries to convince Chad he should be loyal to his father. “Let me remind you you were raised by a law-abiding man who didn’t give a damn about you.”

Victor & Sonny
Victor thinks Sonny’s gay “as pink ink” revelation is a joke. In fairness that meant happy in Victor’s day.

Victor: “Are you sure it’s not a phase, like high-top sneakers with a suit?”

Sonny implies Victor should join PFLAG. Victor says he feels sorry for Sonny. Sonny reminds Victor he’s a serial groom. Victor is apparently well-educated on what gay couples can and cannot do for one another legally. I was really impressed by how Sonny went toe to toe with his uncle and took everything in stride.

Kinsey and Nicole
Kinsey says she’s read a lot about Nicole. We want to read this gossip column. Kinsey apparently talked smack about Nicole once upon a time and tries to apologize and be her buddy. She reminds us how much we miss Nicole the roving TV reporter.

TuesDAYS Recap

EJ, Stefano, Kate, Chad
Stefano to Kate: “Clarence Darrow reincarnated would find it difficult to keep either me or my son out of jail.” Chad walks in just as Stefano is flipping out on EJ:

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

Stefao continues to berrate EJ in front of Kate & Chad:

Are you listening to the words coming out of my mouth?

Chad & Kate tell him to chillax, but he is no where near finished. Stefano: “You are no longer my son.” Kate comes in and comforts him. She knows what it’s like to have a son really piss you off.

Safe gets some alone time:

Tricking our kids with high fructose corn syrup and Saturday morning cartoons (even though one of them had a major trauma last night) is hilaaaaaarious.

Sami is beyond happy, but she misses Ali.

Justin & Adrienne, Victor, Sonny
J&A tell Victor that Sonny is in town, and he is hurt he didn’t know already. Sonny asks his parents why they are so worried about telling Victor, and runs off to talk to his grandfather. Vicor “Not that that’s stopped them from doing whatever they wanted to do with whoever they wanted to do it with whenever they wanted to do it,.. as I’m sure you will.” Sonny takes this chance to come out to Victor.

Beach Crew: Will, Gabi, Sonny, T, Kinsey
Kinsey hits on Sonny, who stops by to play volleyball. This is what Kinsey looks like when she thinks about “sex on a stick.”

Sonny's so dreamy...

Nicole & Taylor
Taylor runs to Nicole to tell her she was right all along about EJ. Taylor says she wants to be punished for what she did to Nicole.

Darn my luck (read: horrible horrible judgment)

They commiserate over loving an awful, awful guy, and being sad about their mom. Followed by some morning drinking. Nice. EJ knocks on the door and Nicole thinks it’s mimosas. What a disappointment.

Abby & Maggie, Chad
Abby tells Maggie that she saw Chad doing an errand for Stefano. They relate about loving/liking dangerous men.
Abby confronts Chad and says if he wants to be together, he has to be above board. Chad promises not to violate his own personal code. He also says that Stefano needs him right now. She gives the good angel speech to him:

I can't take them seriously when the wide shot emphasizes their comical height difference.

They decide to be completely honest with each other. Ugh, we have seen them have this conversation a few times now.

MonDAYS Recap: 4th of July Edition

Kinsey: The internet is out? That’s like the sun going out. I can’t believe she is a blogger like me. Not great company. Anyway, apparently the street is closed and everyone is stuck in the pub re-imagining the oscar movies?

Roman is out in Hollywood looking for a killer?

So THIS is why we haven't seen Roman in a while??

Ciara: Mother, a year is forever in this business. Hilarious.

Melanie plays the plucky youngster looking for the man who killed her father, and Bo is the only man for the job.

Melanie is pretty convincing as the plucky young girl from True Grit.

I didn't realize this was Bo until nearly the end. Maybe he does deserve that Emmy...

Hope is the Black Swan, Maggie is her overbearing mother.

Maggie was hilarious as the mean/crazy mom.

The kids start talking in social network style, but Justin isn’t having it. Chad plays Zuckerburg. Will plays the betrayed best friend. Hilarious. Johnny/Johnny’s twin play the Harvard twins. Hilarious. Theo as Justin Timberlake? Adorable. And the wigs in that room are amazing.

I don't remember that many bad wigs in The Social Network...

The Johnny twins as twins! My head is exploding.

EJ, Nicole & Roman… I didn’t see this movie, so I’m not totally sure what is going on here.

Making EJ into an American? I don't THINK that's what that movie was about.

SHIRTLESS BRADY! Plus Nicole in lingerie if that’s what you’re into.
And OMG the sisters/mom in their blonde goodness.

If only this were their real SL... Bricole!!

My fave blonde fighter sister has got to be Maxine.

More shirtless Brady, plus EJ acting a fool? Maybe spoof day isn't so bad after all.

In conclusion, this filler day was pretty goofy, but I guess I’m glad they tried to change it up. I wonder why Sami, Rafe, Taylor, Victor, Lexie, Abe,Carly, Kate, Stefano, etc. didn’t get to remake movie madness. But they were smart to include Maxine, because if she’s involved I just can’t complain. You could tell the day was probably more fun to film than it was to watch, as the cast explains.

Chad & Abby, Kate
Kate asks Chad to help Marco out with a shipment. Kate then tells Abby that Chad is at the pier. It’s a set up! Chad is pissed at Kate:

Me? Meddle in relationships? Never.

Kate calls Chad naive. He finds Abby on the pier. Chad tells Abby that Kate set them up. Abby doesn’t think it’s going to work out.

Taylor, Lexie
Lexie tells Taylor that EJ can handle Stefano. Really? Taylor tells Lexie about Rafe killing Faye.

I mean, it's like, you know?

EJ, Stefano, Sami, Taylor
EJ checks himself out and gets down to trying to “eliminate” Rafe. Stefano: “The only thing the police can find is an all night donut shop.” “I was never dumb enough to be on the Salem Police Force.” Stefano says he switched the will for Nicole’s evidence. Sami walks in as EJ says his imposter is about to ruin everything.

Who wouldn't trust these faces.

Sami plants a bug in the flowers.
EJ meets Taylor in the park and proposes:

Barf! But check out EJ's pink blingy cuff links.

Marco has to tell Stefano that he arrived empty handed. Marco hands over the letter:

“I’m tired of your family thinking you call all the shots. I’m taking charge. BE AFRAID-- BE VERY AFRAID. Your loving creation, Rafael.”

Sami, Bope
Sami is going to wear a wire to the DiMera mansion. Because that has worked so many times before. They listen to the bug, but then Mary knocks it into the vase water. Maybe the flower wasn’t the best spot for the bug.

Victor, Maggie
Maggie wants to give it one lat shot, and kisses Victor!

Oh COME on.

Marco, Bope
Bope comes in right as Marco is counting the money.

I'm sure no one will notice me in this GIANT FLOPPY HAT.

Bo knocks him out cold.

ThursDAYS Recap

Will, Gabi, T, Kinsey, Caroline
Gabi (after getting the tassle out of her mouth) finds out her mom has a broken leg.

Graduation is going to be delicious... I mean, mom isn't coming?!?!

Surprise! She didn’t come for Ariana’s funeral, Rafe’s issues, to visit her TEENAGE DAUGHTER WHO LIVES IN A BAR. Kinsey teases Gabi for not having sex, then Will doesn’t want to kiss Gabi in front of everyone. Carline: “I’m a Scorpio, I can keep my mouth shut.” That’s for sure. Caroline explains that Will doesn’t want to have sex because he doesn’t want to be a teenage father… that COULD be it… Gabi doesn’t want Will to “change” anything for her. Is this going to be a bait and switch, where they make it seem like he’s going to be gay but it’s a fake out? It seems too obvious.

Stefano, Chad, Kate, Bo, Nicole, EJ, Lexie, Maxine, Taylor
Bo: “We were playing patty cake, and maybe it was too much for him.” Nicole tells Taylor that she has something on EJ that will change everything. Stefano tries to give it to Maxine for not following his orders:

The DiMeras don't take kindly to back talk.

But she has other plans. Maxine is the best. Taylor is like “oh woe is me, I have had the worst night.”

Despite Lexie's best efforts, she can't seem to find Taylor's ass.

Kate has some sweet bang blue streaks now too. Stefano has a family moment at the hospital. He feels young again. Taylor tells EJ that Rafe killed Faye. He responds by asking which of the many Rafes she was referring to.

Hope, Taylor, Justin, Adrienne, Bo, Sonny
Hope instantly recovers from her head injury:
"That was ouchy."
Justin & Adrienne take her to the Cheatin Heart for some reason. Sonny drops in, and Justin is worried uncle Victor won’t like that Sonny is gay.

Abby & Sonny, Will
Abby runs into Sonny at the pier. Abby explains the family tree to Will (to point out that Will and Sonny are not related?). Will is glad that Sonny & Abby aren’t together, but they are awfully flirty for cousins.

New eye candy in town... but for who?