What what what!?!? Nick Fallon returning to Days?

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As reported here, insiders are saying that Blake Berris may be returning to Salem to reprise his role as Nick Fallon. You guys may remember Nick as the nice guy/nerd who loved Melanie so much he went a little crazy, and killed Trent Robbins, who at the time was believed to be Melanie’s dad. I really liked Blake Berris! I hope this is true. And it would make sense, Nick should be getting out of prison about now, and Melanie may need another love interest if Chad falls for Gabi’s shenanigans (although I like Chad and Melanie together, so here’s hoping that’s not the case).

Check out this post we did a while back to see what Blake Berris has been doing since leaving Days.

And in conclusion, enjoy this old video. Here’s hoping the “insiders” know what they’re talking about.

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